What Are Virtual Slots or Virtual Slot Machines?

Virtual slots, sometimes called virtual slot machines, are nothing more than online versions of the casino classic known as the slot machine. In other parts of the world, these machines are called “fruit machines,” “poker machines,” or “pokies.” No matter what you call them, they’re all the same. They feature spinning reels, symbols that combine to form different winning combinations, and other features, like a lever you pull or a button you push to set the game in motion.What Are Virtual Slots or Virtual Slot Machines?

Virtual slot machines are much more convenient than travelling to find a real casino with a real bank of traditional slot games. You can play virtual slot machines without even getting dressed or leaving your house, thanks to the proliferation of Internet casinos. Online slot machines and in fact all forms of online casino gambling in general beats land-based casinos hands-down in terms of convenience. In the past, if a guy like me (who lives in Kansas) wanted to play slots, he had to either book a plane trip and hotel stay at a casino-resort in Vegas or Atlantic City or drive to a nearby tribal property.

Differences Between Virtual Slots and Land-Based Slots

The major difference between virtual and traditional slots is the aforementioned convenience factor. Virtual slot machines are accessible 24/7 from anywhere you can find an Internet connection.

As long as you’re doing business with a regulated and legit online casino site, virtual slots are just as safe as traditional slot machines. Thanks to third-party auditing groups, such as Technical Systems Testing, you can be sure that an online casino’s slot games are tested for fairness, provided they display certification of that fairness from a reputable auditing program.

Both virtual and traditional modern slot machines use random number generators to produce results. These RNGs, as they’re called in the industry, spit out random numbers to determine wins and losses, and when virtual slots are tested for fairness, it is this online RNG that is test to make sure that the machine’s payout system is fair.

A major difference between virtual casino play and casinos at land-based gaming establishments is that online casinos can offer a greater variety of games than a standard casino, because virtual slots don’t take up any physical space. You’ll find every sort of slot machine at online casino sites that you’d find in the casino, including classic 3 reel and single pay line machines all the way up multi payline video bonus slots with progressive jackpots. In fact, all the latest technology in slots is coming out on virtual machines, since online slot games give developers a lot more freedom than¬†traditional land-based slots.

If there is any downside to playing virtual slot machines, it is that you miss out on the atmosphere of the real-life casino. Casino play is fun because you get to talk to real people playing at slots nearby, buy drinks for your friends, and enjoy comp’d meals and drinks provided by the casino itself. So far, virtual slot sites haven’t been ¬†able to match this¬†camaraderie.

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